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Fundamental Facts to Note About the American Dream

Early immigrants to the US had to bump into the Statue of Liberty. Beyond reasonable doubt, the Statue of Liberty is the first thing that these new Immigrants bumped onto. As much as the statue mattered, the immigrants has hope and faith in their new start as this statue signified hope and a fruitful life ahead. The statue is the symbolic icon for the American Dream as it signifies hope, new opportunities and an equalized life. This article showcases some fundamental facts to note in regard to the American Dream.

There is a hard truth that all men and women should learn that people are equal regardless of their dwellings or origin. Through the Statue of Liberty, people were able to identify themselves enjoying a democratic nation that’s full of new opportunities and unified rights for all the populaces. the constitution preamble and the Declaration of Independence overly enhances and promotes the American Dream and the ideologies it stands for.

The rights of all the people is to be protected by the government. As much as a person’s happiness is concerned, they should be able to pursue their personal and individual ideologies. The American Dream necessitates the government to support the people with their dreams or rather ideas.

The American Dream is strongly and indisputably protected by the Declaration of Independence. The founding fathers had a belief that a man in their pursuit to happiness and implementing their ideas tends to be creative and overly ambitious. Therefore, through the American Dream, populaces have been able to augment a fruitful life and path. But first, one ought to aspire, have an idea and march towards achieving the idea ambitiously and creatively.

The American Dream eyed at introducing and augmenting democracy for the people. People should pay taxes and fail to identify the right leadership that they find deem fitting. These are leaders who would usher the people to their destined lives. Legal matters and cases was delegated to an jury for a solution. The nation experienced and enhanced and elevated free trade.

The American dream made sure that the people’s rights were protected by all means; theoretical. Populaces through the protection availed by the American Dream were able to give their utmost to the society or rather the community which was a plus. As a result, the nation upgrades and so is the happiness and lives of the fellow citizens.

Basically, the American Dream ideology has been borrowed by multiple other nations. This has made it possible for countries to have a replicated development like the one that America has been experiencing over the years. Consequently, these nations have established and augmented free trade hence an advanced and a promising economic growth.

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