Finding Similarities Between Resources and Life

These Artists Use Cannabis in a Different Way.

Cannabis can be used in many different ways and they include rolling it, baking it, curing of diseases with it or even roll it and smoking it also Artists are known to be using very different arts in the most unusual ways. Some artists are known to use cannabis and yet they create art. Tony Green hand is one of the people who is known for smoking and if you will ever dream of him making your art you have to pay him to smoke a lot of it. He is one person who knows that he does a very great work and every day he is known for taking a bowl of cereals and rolling. Despite Tony doing the great work, he is known for rolling for longer hours on some days and that can be ten to fifteen hours. Tony is said to have sold a joint for ten thousand dollars and that was an AK- 47. He is also known for making his works on commission and he also ends up making some things like Spiderman.

One of the people who does not have a liking for Tony’s work is his mother and she works for the sheriff department. One of the people who really appreciate Tony’s work is his father and he says that his son is successful and it doesn’t matter what you are doing to be one. Pop is loved by many and one of those people are Tony and thus when he is doing his art he makes sure that its pop culture related. Through art and also through some people smoking the weed there are those who have been known to trying to bringing Tupac back to life. A mockup was used on Tupac’s photo and there is this man who was seen pouring some substance on his photosaying that he is not dead. He made sure that when he was showing the people the photo of Tupac his face was hidden and thus people did not have to see his face and discover more.

Some of the children stories that Ricardo Cortes is known to have written are for the children and they are going to sleep and it is just a plant. The society has been made to believe that a book like go k to sleep is a children’s book while you read it you will realize that it is not a book for children and view here for more. Someone like Andy Warhol used some Campbell’s soup can advert and there are other people who have used some other things like pollution and others. Most of the artists know that when they are using cannabis or weed they always know that it is fashion.

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