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The Reason to End Daylight Saving Time

How did such daylight saving time begin and why does this keeps going? Well, if you are going to ask a few people, there are those who answer to help the farmers and because of the World War I. But, one thing which you need to know is that those farmers are actually opposing the daylight saving time. Especially in Indiana, where some would observe the DST and the others don’t, the farmers opposed to such move to the DST. Those farmers who need to wake with the sun regardless of what the clock says are inconvenienced by such need to change the schedule so that they can sell the crops to those who observe the DST.

You should know that the daylight saving time did start in the US during WWI, mainly to save fuel through reducing such need to utilize artificial lighting. Though there are some states and also communities which observed daylight saving time between those wars, it wasn’t observed nationally until World War II. But, why does daylight still time continue today?

The Uniform Time Act of 1966 provided a basic model to alternate between such standard time and also the daylight saving time that the people are now able to observe in the United States. The Congress though isn’t able to resist when it comes to going for such. For instance, in the 1973 daylights was observed all throughout the year, rather in just the spring as well as summer. The system of starting such DST at 2 AM during the first Sunday of April and ending at the same time on the last Sunday of October was not actually standardized until the year 1986. Then the rules changed in the year 2007. The DST starts at the second Sunday of March and this would end during the first Sunday of November.

The supporters vary in their reasons why they should keep the daylight savings for many years. Though they were not really the first reasons of why the DST was being used.

A reason that they have is safety. There are those people who think that when there is more daylight during the end of the day, there will be a reduced number of accidents. The benefit just comes at such cost of having less daylight during the daytime. When it was actually tested throughout the year in 1973, a reason for repealing this was for such reason that there was that increase in the number of accident that involved the school bus on the day. This was really attributed to such lost hour of sleep. It can’t be denied that changing such clocks has a very big cost in the lives of human.

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