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Human Resource Mobility Solutions

The Human resource manager is expected to be dealing with people issues in any organization. The human resource manager vouches for the organization’s interest by making sure that the employees are actually doing what they should be doing within the required time. This is also the department that is involved with the wellbeing of personnel and in negotiations of the pay to be given as consideration for their services. The human resource department links up different functions in the organizations such as making sure that the employees work and submit their timesheet and also ensuring that in consequence the finance department process their pay in time.

This shows how much work the department has to handle in terms of documentations, a process that ends up consuming a lot of time and resources as they have to look into the input of each employee. In this regard, some software have been made to help reduce the data that the human resource has to handle since it is presented to them in soft copy. This means that the employees create the date online which the human resource personal receive and assess in real time. The app is also able to track the work hours puts in by allowing them to clock in and clock out as need be.

The software has been improved to make it compatible for use as a mobile app. The software also allows each person to access their individual pay details. This is because the system is also connected to the payroll system which allows them to look through their payment details which includes aspects like the ability to view their pay slips on their devices. The software captures other aspects of payment such as the retirement details as well as the deductions due. The ability of the system to track ones usage of their card can help employees account for their money thus making sound financial decisions.

The other feature on the software is its enhanced security where the platform acts as a portal for each person to login in into their personal account. The portal has four types of accounts namely systems administrator, managers, practitioners and employees where it only allows a person to sign in in one of the four categories. The categories are based on the role each plays in the organization such that the employees add information such as timesheets and the managers supervises them while the practitioner is the link between the human resource department to other departments related to it.

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