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Ways Of Keeping Healthy Hair
A healthy hair is a hair that is shiny, with clean-cut ends and smooth texture and tempered tips. An example of the things that people do that damage their hair and one of them is frequent washing; when one wets the hair, the shaft swells, leading to more elastic hair which is easy to break and also shampoos that are used during washing removes the oil that hair produces leading to dry and dull hair.
The next thing that lead to unhealthy hair is brushing wet hair; wet hair is more elastic and these property makes it prone to breaking so when one brushes wet hair, most of the hair break leading to unhealthy hair. Another thing that leads to unhealthy hair is blow drying; blow drying removes not only the surface water but also the water of hydration that is bound to the hair and also blow drying dries the cuticles making them to become rigid and brittle.
One of the ways of keeping healthy hair is by using hair conditioner every time one uses shampoo; shampoo that is commonly used by people is not hair friendly as though because it removes the oil produced by the hair making the hair to dry, so the use of hair conditioner reduces the side effects of using shampoo. The second way of keeping a healthy hair is by rinsing the hair with cold water after every shower; researchers discovered that cold water lays down the outer layer of the hair more smoothly that helps to prevent heat damage, moisture loss and snags.
The third way of keeping a healthy hair is applying oil or mask treatment weekly; this should be done individuals whose hair touches the shoulder because it needs more oil than just a normal conditioner. The fourth way of keeping healthy hair is trying hair-boosting supplements; the body requires a lot of nutrients such as proteins and minerals in order to create new hair so one needs to take a balanced diet t be able to have enough nutrients for the body to create a more healthy hair.
There are various benefits that those with healthy hair enjoy and one of them is that healthy hair is shiny and silky giving them a good look and make them be proud of having healthy hair. The second benefit that individuals with healthy hair enjoy is that healthy air is an indication that the body has enough nutrients to create more hair so If one has unhealthy hair, then one can know that the body is in need of more nutrient which will encourage him to start honoring the diet.

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