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Understanding Feng Shui and Yoga.

Feng Shui is a Chinese word that means wind and water. This is a complex art which seeks to understand how energy flows in the universe. The practice of Feng Shui reflects on how the environment has an effect on the inner self. This can be applied in interior decor for the best outcome. Through yoga, people make use of the energy in the universe to focus the mind, soul, and body and this ends up causing relaxation. Anyone who practices yoga in a space which has been styled with Feng Shui rules in mind will see a much better outcome. This is not just essential during yoga but even in other circumstances. Your decor should increase the amount of natural light getting into the room. The room should be towards the North East. Based on research, the North East is the direction for the spirituality. This is one of the best ways for you to benefit from the early morning sun and its rays which have healing capabilities. For the homes which have already been designed, this might not be an easy choice. If it is not possible, just do your best to open up the room to the natural light. you can opt for a remodeling project that will bring in more light into your home if you can cater for the cost as well as the time. Additionally, open windows promote energy and air flow which is great.

On the same note, you ought to reconsider the color palette in the room you practice yoga t. You can settle for yellow, white, blue, purpose and also green. When you are painting yellow, you will be attracting energy and strength while those who choose green will see more growth and get more inspiration. Purple is the color for spirituality and power while blue if for relaxation and reflection. A lot of rooms in Feng Shui are done in white and this is what shows focus and even purity. There is no need for repainting your home just because you want to include all these colors. You can have a plain color for the walls and then pick decoration item from all the other Feng Shui colors. For the best outcome in Feng Shui and yoga, you need to keep everything simple. You only need a yoga mat for a successful session. Declutter the space by doing away with anything that is not needed. If you have to add anything, just have a storage for your books and cushions. If you have DVDs and also incense then you will be all set. To understand more you should check out Mystical Breath now! You can find the essential products on Feng Shui here. It is also critical for you to be surrounded by objects from nature.

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