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Factors to Consider Before Using Nerf Therapy with a Patient

Psychoanalysis is helpful to people who suffer from behavioral health issues. It can also be useful when we need help figuring out our lives. For it to work though, both the therapist and the patient have to find a way to create the perfect atmosphere. Under the right conditions, they can exchange information and attempt to solve the core of the issues that led the patient to seek help. They can also try cognitive behavioral therapy which often is hard to figure out but innovative methods like nerf therapy make it easier. It’s hard though sometimes to pick out which patients to try methods like nerf therapy on. Below, a few conditions that might be useful in evaluating the likelihood that nerfs therapy will be fruitful when used on a patient are listed.

One thing you can consider before choosing to turn to nerf therapy is the patient’s age. This kind of treatment has the potential to produce better results when tried out with young people and less effective as they get older. It might cause issues and turn out harmful when used on child patients. They might also shut down thinking that you are punishing them. The older patients could see it as disrespectful and be resistant to it, and they might stop seeing you as competent enough. Confirming with the patient first before trying this kind of treatment is always the safest way to go.
The client’s natural disposition can also be helpful in assisting you to decide on the potential integration of nerf therapy into their treatment. Getting their opinion on that kind of radical treatments first might be a good idea. Some people may find it offensive that you would try applying that kind of treatment on them. If the client has anger issues, you could opt not to try this form of treatment on them as they might be triggered and hurt you. You can also skip over the people you know have a like the old-fashioned methods.

Something else to consider is how relevant a patient’s condition is to this kind of treatment. There’s a difference in the level of severity of the patients’ conditions and some could benefit more from this than others. Patients showing better recovery results when other kinds of therapy are used could be held back first to avoid derailing their progress. You can try applying it on patients you are familiar with and ones who you can communicate with freely. You can try explaining the process and its benefits and getting their consent first before trying to alter your methods when dealing with them.

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