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How to Write a Memoir

If you are someone who wants to write a memoir, then you will realize that it is very difficult to get started. You might have a lot of memories in your life that you would like to share – your life victories as well as your mistakes and failures. So how then do you start writing a memoir?

The tips given below can help and encourage you to start writing down your memoir.

There is a difference between a memoir and an autobiography; memoirs only include a small portion of your life while an autobiography is the story of your whole life. Your autobiography can contain your memoir or you can also say that your memoir is only a part of your autobiography. You should stay focused on your chosen topic. You should not wander off in any another direction.

If you don’t start writing now, then you will not be able to write. Make sure that you write something each day. It is better if you can write at the same time, the same place and the same amount of time each day. If you want to break the ice, start with the word, ‘I remember.’

Include important people and events and do not include those that are not important to the story. Don’t include someone just because he is important to you but not important to your story. Even special people close to you should not be included in your memoir if you are writing about your career that they have nothing to do about. Only those people and events that help continue the story line must be included.

Moving memoirs are what people look for. They also want to be involved and their attention kept just like fiction novels do. Don’t just enumerate events in their chronological order. With the use of dialogue, suspense, description of the setting, you can bring your story or scene to life.

If there is a memoir writing group in your area or an online memoir writing group, it would be beneficial to join. You can use search engines for suggestions. If your local college offers writing courses, the you can enroll there or enroll in an online writing school. One of the best ways to improve your skills is to let a writer help you.

Since a memoir is your story, then you write it in first person. Your story is your own and you are the best person wo can tell it.

As soon as you are settled as to whom and what events to write about, you should begin writing your memoir. These details will draw the reader in and allow them to picture your story happening in their mind.

Before you start editing, you story must be finished. Don’t stop to edit when you are on a roll. You can lose your train of thought and direction if you stop to edit your work. It is only when your memoir is completed that you should start editing.

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