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Guideline on How to write a Novel in Three Act Structure

Story telling has been an act that has been in existence for many years. Both screenwriters, as well as the novel writers, have adopted various writing structures to cater for their needs. You should note that some of this structures which are being used today although they would have been invented in those old days. Numerous authors have used three act structure since this is one of the most common formats in existence today. For the screenwriters and the novelist, it is notable that they have fully adopted the use of three act structure.

Having a beginning, middle as well as the end has been the notion, and this is where three act structure comes to action. You ought to realize that this three act structure will go an extra mile to define what should be done in each of this stages for a good storyline regardless of the genre. In order to learn more about this three act structure, you should make sure that you read more through this article. To boost the sale of your book and get the attention of your readers, it is advisable that you implement this three act structure.

It is advisable that you read about act one, act two as well as act three as they are featured in the three act structure of writing the novels as well as the screenwriting. Act one is known as the set up stage, and this should never be left out at any given cost. Once you are in the setup stage or act one, then you will be required to introduce the characters and more so the main characters. During the setup stage, the author will be required to introduce the environment associated with his characters and more so the conflict that exists between the main characters.

Since you could have wished to have a set of your own during the story writing, you are assured that this will be achieved during the initial story writing stage. You will need to join act two which is said to be the longest part of any play or even story. You should realize that this stage will be the confrontation and this will encompass almost half of the story. It is true that you will have to join the third stage which is better known as the resolution stage and this is said to be the shortest in any story since this is where the main characters meet and put the matters to rest.

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